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Meet at _______ .Proceed to sightseeing Jeddah Old City, Alawi Soak, Nasif House, Chafee Mosque, (Fish Market) Yemini Market, and the Abragh Alraghamah Site via Jeddah Corniche with viewing Jeddah... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet  at _______and proceed to Al Ula Check in at hotel with lunch and dinner ,overnight Day 2 :After breakfast at hotel, proceed to visit AL Ula city, Al Ula Museum, Old railway... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet at ________, proceed to Taif Wahba Crater continuing to view the Turkish Fort with lunch at restaurant.Check-in at hotel  with dinner and overnight . Day 2 : After breakfast... more details >>

Red Sea Diving

The city of Jeddah is known as “the Bride of the Red Sea”, but many visitors leave the city never having got to know “the bridegroom” with its dazzlingly beautiful coral reefs and myriad colors and sizes of fish. Learning to scuba dive is an easy way to rectify this. Contrary to popular belief it is a sport almost everyone can take up, from young to old; it’s extremely safe; it needn’t cost the earth; and there’s no need to be a macho man to do it!

From Ubhur Creek, north of Jeddah, dive boats leaves daily to visit the offshore reefs of the Eliza Shoals. This two Hundreds square mile shoal has many popular dive sites. Many of the reefs reach the surface, so the water are calm on the lee side, making them popular with snorkeling and swimming as well as diving.

Three-meter high black coral trees are found at Black Coral Canyons, a series of underwater canyons, which drop eastward into the channel between the Arabian coast and the shoals at depths of 25 to 30 meters. Blossoming from these ridges are the rare and much revered black coral trees, which are much too large to be referred to as just bushes.

Few divers experience a site with more snap, crackle and pop! The sounds of the sea really come alive here.

Want to Dive?

Sadd Al-Samallaghi Co. Ltd. will arrange everything for you. During the dive, we will provide the following:

  • Light meals/lunch on Boat or offshore dive.

  • Transportation from/to hotel & Marina/Port.

  • Diving Equipment

  • Diving Instructor as your Underwater Tour Guide

Boat Dive

As Diving Tour is part of our package, there is more to see on our Land Tour package according to your desire. So, please let us know if you are going to dive during your tour in the Kingdom so we can arrange and organize the whole package for you.

Red Sea Beach Resorts

We also offer beach relaxing and fun activities such as snorkeling, beach barbeque and basting in the sun for a whole day activity.

Red Sea Boat Trip such as sunset boat trip or cruising along the Red Sea coast as well as fishing.


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