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Hail is located in northwest part of Saudi Arabia on a gently slopping plain on the west side of Wadi Al Idairi between Aja and Salma mountains. Pre historic times as indicated by the numerous stone artifacts and structures together with Stone Age and Chalcolithic rock drawings.

The city of Hail, capital of the eponymous province, is located in the center of northern Arabian Peninsula on the eastern side of the massive Jibal Aga and at the fringe of the vast desert of the Rub' Al-Khali.The Jibal Aga in the outskirts of Hail Its central position and the wells fed by the rain water drained off the nearby mountains made Hail an important oasis on the ancient caravan trade routes.

Although there are no remains from this period the ancient inscriptions found in the surrounding desert attest to this past human presence.

Hail is well-known for the generosity of its people in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world as it is the place where Hatim al-Tai, who was a famous Arab poet and one of the characters of The One Thousand and One Nights, lived. Stories about his extreme generosity have made him an icon to Arabs up till the present day, as in the proverbial phrase "more generous than Hatem".

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