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While Makkah is known internationally as a place that draws people to worship there, Madinah, 'The Radiant City' is less well known outside the Islamic world.

Located about 450 kilometers north, Madinah is Islam's second most important site. Known originally as Yathrib, it was to Madinah that the Prophet Mohammed and his devotees fled to avoid persecution in the year 622. This escape from danger, known as the 'hijrah', symbolises the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

The Prophet Mohammed built a mosque from palm - tree trunks and bricks and this simple holy place has expanded over the centuries. Today's Prophet's Mosque is a splendid place of worship holding over one million people.

The city of Medinah is also home to the Prophet Muhammad's final resting place. The green dome is the destination of millions every year, since 1440 years. It also has multiple holy sites besides the dome, like Jannat Al Baqee, Uhud Mountain, Masjid Ghamama, Masjid Qiblatain, that Muslims visit due to their association with the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

The full name of Medinah is "Al Madinah Al Monawarah" which mean “the lighting city or the city of light”, that name was given to the city after the prophet migrating in 621 a.d. The old name for the city is "Yathreb"


Medina has a hot desert climate, influenced by its altitude (600m or 1960ft).

By plane

Medina's Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport fields an increasing number of direct flights from around the Middle East. The airport is accessible to non-Muslims as well.

By train

The Haramain High Speed Railway, which links Medina with Jeddah and Mecca, opened in 2018. The Medina station is located outside the city limits, and is open to all.

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