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Masmak Fortress In Al-Dirah.

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The heart of old Riyadh, this was the fortress stormed by King Abdul Aziz and his men in their daring reconquest of Riyadh in 1902. This one-time fort is constructed of mud and clay bricks, incorporating four corner turrets that once acted as watchtowers. The walls are exceptionally thick, and were once prepared to defend the city in battle.

Renovated in 2008 .

Today it is a museum, located in the old quarter at the heart of Riyadh. The museum's collections include antique weapons, agricultural tools, and costumes from throughout the history of Saudi Arabia.

The museum inside does a pretty good job of recounting the story of the raid and has some fascinating photos of old Riyadh as well. There are shops and restaurants in the immediate area, including the Deira market.

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